Unearth-Ed Publishing Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy for Unearth-ed Magazine and Online Publishing

Editorial Guidelines (current policy on our website: www.unearthed.com.au)

  • The Publisher follows the rules of responsible journalism. It monitors content to avoid Defamation and Libel; Obscene or Vulgar Content; Plagiarism; Fabrication; Conflicts of Interest. Use only vetted material.
  • The Publisher understands and respects that they have an obligation to adhere to the principles of integrity, balance, clarity and fairness in all news gathering and presentation with an onus on ethical reporting.
  • Every possible step should be taken to ensure accuracy and significant errors should be promptly corrected. To employ journalists of the highest standard for their age and experience and provide on the job training.
  • The Publisher reserves the right to exercise its editorial judgment and all editorial submissions/contributions and journalistic work will be proof read and if necessary, edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length. The Publisher will endeavor, where ever possible, to perform best practice fact checking as a priority and include multiple edits by staff.
  • The Publisher will particularly work diligently to engage positively and create curiosity within its children and young adult user base focus.
  • The Publisher adheres to the Australian Press Council’s Statement of Seven Privacy Principals such as:
  • collection of personal information;
  • use and disclosure of personal information;
  • quality of personal information,
  • security of personal information;
  • anonymity of sources;
  • correction, fairness and balance; and
  • sensitive personal information.