We are proud to be able to contribute to a charity like Love Mercy for something we take for granted in Australia i.e. ‘clean drinking water’.

Paul and his family through Crowthers coaches and Unearth-Ed one of Australia’s leading educational tourism businesses have been part of the fabric of the local business scene for over 75 years.

Paul has never seen it tougher-the coach industry has been one of the hardest hit industries during the Pandemic and schools haven’t travelled on excursions to places like Canberra ( a rite of passage for school students) all year.

But it has made us more determined to keep working hard and being innovative to create new opportunities.

The Well in Uganda illustrates that whilst people are doing it tough in the Shire, there are plenty of things to be thankful for like clean drinking water.

On average, a well is used by 500 people from nearby communities.
Many of these local communities haven’t had access to clean water previously, with women and children on average having to walk 5-10kms to the nearest water source. This is often done 3 times a day and can take hours, and often the water source isn’t even clean, instead shared with livestock. For young girls, spending time this way means they have less time for school. With access to clean water comes the empowerment to pursue more for their lives beyond traditional roles. Your well works to break the cycle of poverty, benefiting generations to come.

In Uganda, the country has a weakened health system that not many people can access. What we know about coronavirus is that the spread of it can be slowed through practice good hygiene, unfortunately this requires clean water, a resource less than 50% of the Ugandan population have access to. Clean water is the best hope for many rural communities in the fight against the virus.

You well will receive regular maintenance from our team on the ground, our partners Water for Africa, so that it will continue to stand and provide safe water to local communities for many years to come.