Whilst Covid -19 resulted in limited school travel in 2020, the Unearth-Ed team continued to work tirelessly to re-book and reschedule schools to the latter part of 2020. Then if another obstacle prevented that rebooking taking place, they would again reschedule the school to another date.

Therefore some schools have had their bookings changed up to 3 times over a 12 month period.

The challenge is all consuming, in particular due to demand for spots at the attractions at the national capital.

We are proud of the work our team have done; so as an acknowledgment to both Cathy and Nadine who have borne the brunt of this process, they were presented with a bunch of flowers from MD Paul Crowther, for their dedication to ensuring our customers receive the best possible service.

2021 is looking much more encouraging with a number of schools having travelled and with plenty more locked away for this year.